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Many of us have cars that we hang on to that are in pieces. We keep telling ourselves, "I'll get to it, one day", but that day never comes. Sometimes we need to face facts and rid ourselves of that burden. Here at CashForCarsIrvine.com, we give cash for junk cars that are taking up space.

Just Too Much to Manage, Sometimes icon1

A car is a fairly large item and sometimes can be difficult to get rid of. Some make the mistake of hauling it away, or leaving it out in a field somewhere to rust away to a brown heap of dust. As we give cash for junk cars, why not make a few dollars and let us take it away for you? We'll haul it away and give you cash on top of that. No need to rent a car dolly or a wrecker to move it.

Need the Cash for Bills, or Other Fun Toys? icon1

There are a number of people out there that don't know what to do with a vehicle that is broken to the point of costing more to fix it than to buy a new one. If the bills are piling up, or an emergency happens, let us pay you for that clunker. An extra sum of cash could help out in this day and age. Put that junker to rest and buy something nice and/or useful for the home.

Selling Junk Isn't Easy icon1

Not many people out there want a car that is inoperable. It will be close to impossible to get rid of a non-moving car. Let us help you take away the work involved by giving you cash for junk cars. We'll haul it, so you don't have to. Don't worry about putting an ad in the paper or finding someone willing to buy the hunk of metal in your driveway. The vehicle can be in complete disarray, contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. It may possibly be the easiest money you've ever made. Especially for something that no longer works. Why hold on to something that is clearly junk when you can get paid for it?